All About the .art Domain Extension

Are you one of the creative souls that make our life picturesque with their beautiful art? Well then, do we have a treat for you! We are talking about the .art domain, aimed at artists—and also at their art works.

.art is one of the most recently introduced domain extensions. Even though other new gTLDs, such as .blog or .tech are more popular, this gTLD fills up the need of a particular niche of creative people and their followers and consumers.

The reason for this is that having a .art domain gestures to everyone that your website is about art. This can help straighten and fortify your brand image.

Is registering a .art domain for you, your business, or your artwork something that you should do? Or are you better off with a classic gTLD, such as a .com, .net, .org? We’ll help you decide.

What is .art? When Did It Launch?

.art is one of the most recent gTLDs made available for the public. It was released in 2017, with the intended use for the creative community. 

This domain was originally aimed for websites that have art somehow in their focus. Today, it is mostly used by artists, and companies & organizations that promote or somehow otherwise focus on art.

Who Administers the .art Domain?

.art’s operator currently is UK Creative Ideas Limited, a company founded by the London-based investor and art collector Ulvi Kasimov. 

To register your .art domain, you’ll need to use a domain registration company, like Domain Name Sanity.

Why Should You Register a .art Domain? What is it Used For?

We already mentioned this, but it bears repeating. 

.art is a domain aimed at the creative community. If you believe that you, your company and/or organization belongs to this community, or has art as the major focus point, then registering a .art domain is definitely the right choice.

.art has another peculiar property not found with other new gTLDs. When UK Creative Ideas Limited negotiated .art’s agreement with ICANN, it asked to start with the unique Digital Twin service. This service allows you to assign a .art domain to a particular piece of art and record the ownership of that on the Ethereum Blockchain. 

In a sense, this means assigning a unique and durable identifier (a ‘digital twin’) to your art piece. This can be particularly advantageous with copyright and other IP rights claims, for example. 

How Popular is the .art gTLD?

We cannot say that .art is among the most popular gTLDs, but surely is among the most popular new gTLDs that were released with ICANN’s liberalization efforts during the past decade.

According to nTLDStats, .art is the 29th most sought after new gTLD, with more than 130 thousand current registrations.

How Do You Get a .art Domain?

Obtaining a .art domain is as easy as one-two-three! Or, in other words, we at Domain Name Sanity can help you find the best .art domain today. Pricing starts at $12.95/year (plus taxes), and renews at $19.95/year (plus taxes). 

That’s a negligible price to pay to have the best .art domain for yourself or your work of art. Register your .art domain today.

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