All About the .life Domain Extension

Now this might be the right domain for clever marketing wizards to leverage in their brand building. While on the first sight the .life domain extension might not be particularly attractive, wait until you realize that it is great for “domain hacks”, where all parts of  your web address combine to create whole sentences., anybody?

Should you register a .life domain for yourself or your business? What will be the advantages when compared to the classic gTLDs such as .com, .net, or .org? Keep reading to find out more.

What Is .life? When Did It Launch?

.life is a gTLD that was launched in 2014 by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. 

The classic gTLDs (i.e. .com, .net, .org and the like) started to get increasingly harder for companies to find and register their business name. For example, workplace communications software Slack was using for a long time, and even Elon Musk had to use for a period of time before he was able to negotiate the purchase of . As a reult, new domain extensions were needed to make it easier for companies to explain their offering or include their full brand in their domain. The .life domain was the result of a wave of new domain extensions released by ICANN.

Who Administers the .life Domain?

This gTLD is administered by Donuts

Donuts is a company specialized in the discovery, use and monetization of domain names. They have a wise portfolio of new and interesting gTLDs, such as .world, .rocks, .life — in total, 242 unique and fresh domain extensions that cater for just about every type of business.

Why Should You Register a .life Domain? What Is It Used For?

We already said that first sight might be deceiving with this gTLD. .life works great when combined with other words to form a sentence, where life is the last word. Some examples:


As you can see, .life can work great if your content and branding focus on lifestyle, or anything connected to a manner of living. Just find the right word combo and you are good to go.

How Popular Is the .life gTLD?

According to nTLDStats, .life currently takes the 20th place from all newly-released gTLDs. In numbers, this translates to more than 233,000 unique domain name registrations.

We can say that .life is fairly popular, especially considering its peculiarity.

How Do You Get a .life Domain?

If you are aiming at upgrading your branding to focus on lifestyle or something related to manner of living, getting a .life domain can prove the right choice for you. 

Pricing starts at $12.95 (plus taxes) for first year registration, and renews at $32.95 (plus taxes). Here at Domain Name Sanity, we can help you register the best .life domain for you. Search and register your .life domain now.

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