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Domain Name Sanity is very easy to work with especially for someone as unsophisticated and techno-challenged like me. :)


Domain Name Sanity has made creating websites simple and easy. I'm able to keep everyone involved with our group in the loop in no time.


This is the most user-friendly site. They are right there if you have a problem. Have used them before and will use them again soon.


"I've used Domain Name Sanity for years and (for me) compared to other sites offering similar services


"I have been using Domain Name Sanity for the last five years for a travel blog/website domain. During this time period whenever I have had a question or needed any type of support from Domain Name Sanity


"I have been a customer of Domain Name Sanity since 2009/2010


"I have used Domain Name Sanity for many years. Their prices are well below the general market


"Domain Name Sanity has been our only provider of this type of service since we began! They handle everything we need


"I have had my website with Domain Name Sanity for many years. It was super easy to build even without any experience. It's been easy to update as needed as the years have gone on. If you are looking for a place to build a professional page with ease


I havehad my site with Domain Name sanity for over 13 years and have always gotten great and prompt response to any questions about problems or just simple questions.


"As a customer of Domain Name Sanity


I've been using Domain Name Sanity to register my websites for over 10 years. They've always been very helpful with any questions and are quick to correspondence. I highly recommend their services.


"I found Domain Name Sanity easy to work with


Domain Name Sanity website templates are simple and easy to use. With no previous web design knowledge I designed my website and can update at will.


Excellent customer support for a great price


"I have used many different companies to host websites throughout the years


We have held our domain with Domain Name Sanity for about 20 years. They're a rock solid service with no-frills costs - can't praise them enough!


Publicity through Domain Name Sanity has helped to publicise our projects world wide allowing us to implement a number of important projects in environmental sanitation over the last two decades in the central region of Ghana.


"So easy to use! Editing is a doddle with the simple


I have been exposed to a number of hosting companies over the years through various projects but for my website I have always stuck with Domain Name Sanity. They have always provided the services I need at the best price plus they have a very user friendly interface.


"I could not be happier with Domain Name Sanity.For nearly 10 years


I have used Domain Name Sanity for around 15 years now. I have had 2 other websites with them as well. They are a great company and are very prompt in answering any questions that I may have. They have also helped me with problems that have come up and have given me the correct solutions for these problems. Very knowledgeable staff. Their website design is fairly simple to use once you get the hang of it.


"I just love Domain Name Sanity! It is so easy to set up and use. When I want to change something it is as easy as find and replace. The websites I have done in Domain Name Sanity are informative


"I wouldn't go anywhere else.I've tried many other companies and none made things as easy for someone who has no idea what they are doing building a web page.I'm a writer and have no time to waste administering a web site.Thanks to Domain Name Sanity


Domain Name Sanity does the job!


"I've been using Domain Name Sanity for several years now and am quite pleased with the page making tools


I have been with Domain Name Sanity for quite some time (many years) and have always received help when needed. Customer service has been impeccable. Lost my page once while updating and Bruce was there in an instant to recover. It is easy to create your own design. Thanks for being there when needed!!


My web site has been in operation for over 12 years and I have never had one problem. Domain Name Sanity is big enough to serve but small enough to care.


I signed up with Domain Name Sanity in 2009 till present. I am very satisfied with the service & the annual fee is very reasonable!I have the monster plan where I have unlimited space.I can add as many pictures as I wish. It is so easy to sign in & the customer support is excellent! I get fast responses from them & easy & clear instructions to follow when I encounter a problem. I will highly recommend Domain Name Sanity to anyone! Thank you very much!


"Domain Name Sanity was the perfect match for me and my photography business. I have tried a few other site builders & hosting sites in the past but none ever seem to meet all my needs. The site is very user friendly


I have used this site for years on 3 domains and it is so easy and convenient to use. I recommend it to anyone wanting a domain!


"I really like the new ""face"" on Domain Name Sanity.It makes it easier to find what I need to do.It's a real easy program to work with and I highly recommend it even for beginners


"As someone who is not computer savvy at all Domain Name Sanity has made it very easy to maintain a website. This is our fifth year in business and using Domain Name Sanity. I love the fact that if there's ever an issue with our site I can send a message to Domain Name Sanity


"I am the Administrative Assistant at a local municipality and have been using Domain Name Sanity for 9 years now.Absolutely love it.As a first-time web builder


"Having the website all these years has made all the difference in my jewelry sales; I exhibit in art shows


"Domain Name Sanity is absolutely the best domain name registrar I've worked with


"I am not a techy person. I have to be shown how to work with a technical device


"I have been working with Domain Name Sanity fora fewyears and have built many websites on there. They have always had the best prices on Hosting that I have ever seen


Domain Name Sanity has been an intrigal part of growing my business. Easy to use and great graphics and even better pricing. Thx Domain Name Sanity!!


"I have been happy with Domain Name Sanity for many years.Several years ago when I had a problem with the site


"I've used Domain Name Sanity successfully for my professional website


"I've been a client of Domain Name Sanity for over ten years. I have several websites and access to view and work on the sites has always been quick and easy. As well


I have had great success with my website at DomainNameSanity.com.It is easy to use their tools to design and modify on the fly.I have been with them for over 10 years and don't plan on changing.


I have used your service for many years and the ease of use and functionality is outstanding.


"I have been a member of Domain Name Sanity for several years now and I must say it has been the perfect platform for hosting a website for my Home Based business.Customer service has always been friendly


I have been a customer for way over a decade. Easy to use and a great value. Never an issue with my domain.


"This is the best company I have ever used to build my web-site. Always there to answer any question I had. And when I completely deleted my web-site by mistake


"Domain Name Sanity has always been easy to use


"I have never found a less expensive


I've been using Domain Name Sanity for close to 10 years. Purchased a domain and email services. Never any issues at all. Would recommend them to anyone. Thank you Domain Name Sanity.


"I have had Domain Name Sanity as my web presence for many years and love the ease of use that I have had with it! I am not a computer savvy person


Domain Name Sanity is the best! Learning how to do a website on my own was not something I wanted to tackle. I have been a customer since 2007 and wouldn't go anywhere else.The design templates are very user friendly and they have GREAT customer service!!Thank you!


"I have been a member of Domain Name Sanity for over 15 years. The convenience of building my own site with user friendly templates


"I have been with Domain Name Sanity for a long time


For over sixteen years that we have registered our domain name and hosted our website with DomainName Sanity we have never regretted that decision.


I use Domain Name Sanity for several website ideas. It's very easy to use and the pages are professional. The price is affordable and offers the best deal than other site plans.


"I came to Domain Name Sanity in 2007 after previous providers changed their names and forced me to change my email address and website URL. I've had consistent


"I have used Domain Name Sanity for 15 years. They have provided excellent service and always responded quickly to any questions I had in the past


"Domain Name Sanity have hosted our non-profit website on our pensions since 2003. My co-founder


"I would like to say that I've been using Domain Name Sanity for years.I'm completely satisfied with the service


"I've used Domain Name Sanity for personal and Business websites for about 20 years. Their on-line web-building system is the easiest to use of any I have seen and always on line with no interruption. Some features are brilliant


"Domain Name Sanity takes all the hassle out of managing my domain


"I have been a customer of Domain Name Sanity for twenty years. They have helped me with my website


"Most companies are not who they advertise themselves to be! It’s said that men lie


I've appreciated all the features of DNS


I have never thought of using anything but domainnamesanity.com for my website. It is simple to use the tools they provide to build your own website. They are EXTREMELY RESPONSIVE to my every need for assistance. Been with them for years!