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Frequently Asked Questions

It includes WooCommerce which is the most used eCommerce plugin on WordPress. We'll also add 5 products as an example to help you start adding your own products.

We'll migrate 10 pages, additional pages can migrated at an extra cost.

Our package includes 2 major revisions as well as 5 minor revisions.

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Simple Ways to Create a Unique Restaurant Website Design

How can you attract more people to come to your restaurant? Well, you can invest in some online marketing techniques to bring them around to try all the delicious food that you’re serving. However, since most people spend at least 3 hours on their mobile phones, there isn’t a better way to market something than put it right there in front of them on their mobile screens. All of this can be achieved if you let us create a website for you including the right web design for your restaurant and host it accordingly.

Let People Get a “Taste” of Your Restaurant’s Food By Investing in Web Design

By choosing us to do web design and hosting for your site, you’ll get the chance to get more takeaway orders and serve people who are in a rush. Most of the time, people don’t really have the time to go to a restaurant to have a meal, but they’ll order something for home. So, they’ll most probably choose to order from a restaurant that has the most appealing website and web design, including the visuals from all the specialties that your restaurant offers.

People will get to your website to get familiar with the interior, make a reservation, check the menu and get an insight into all the food that you offer. That’s why having a great restaurant with a poorly designed website won’t bring any points to your business reputation. When someone checks out your restaurant website, they should be inspired to come, and that’s the reason why you should invest in quality restaurant web design. Some of the web design services we offer in our package are:

  • Premium themes and plugins using WordPress - WordPress is the most popular CMS that any website owner would choose for their site. Now you have the chance to choose one of the many additional themes and plugins that we offer for WordPress.
  • Mobile responsive website - Your website will function perfectly no matter what type of device your customers are going to use. That’s our responsibility when building the site for you.
  • Search Engine Optimized Design - Your website’s content and design will be SEO-friendly.
  • Content Migration from your existing website - Our responsibility is to migrate your old content to your new website.

All of these features combined will get you the perfect design optimized to rank high. So, next time a customer searches “restaurants in New York” on Google, they’ll most probably choose your website because it’ll be the most appealing.

That’s the reason why in this article, we’ll share some useful tips that we use for creating beautiful restaurant web design. This way, you’ll easily attract more attention and get as many clicks as possible.

1. We Tend to Use a Neutral Background Color

If you use a very bright background color for your website, you’re at risk of driving your customers away from your website - it’ll be very difficult to read. For that purpose, we usually use a neutral background color.

Another thing is that users tend to choose a set of colors that are typical for restaurant website design by default. Those are more often the following ones: brown, red, black and white. All these four colors symbolize different things that attract visitors to your site.

2. We Always Focus on the Right Amount of Quality Images

Cluttering your website with images won’t only use your bandwidth, but it will also slow down your website and make it difficult to access on mobile devices. That’s why we avoid using unnecessary images in our design. Our goal is to invest in quality rather than quantity.

To make your website design better, you should hire a professional photographer for your photos. The very first meals for the menu and your website should be flawless, captured by a professional - don’t improvise by taking photos with your phone. The images of the food you make will speak a lot about the quality of your restaurant.

Our Websites Are Responsive so they Look Good On All Devices

Unless your website's design is responsive, you’re risking a lot. Not many people would switch to a desktop version to make a reservation, because they would like everything to be easily available on their phones. Anytime you think that people are using their desktop computers to get to your site, check Google Analytics and you’ll definitely see that mobile users prevail over desktop ones.

The Web Design We Create Presents Your Brand in the Best Light

Make sure that your brand is presented on your website as prominently as possible. Your site should convey your vision, goals, motto, and your brand should speak to the people that’ll come to have dinner at your restaurant tonight, this weekend or next week. Whatever your core values are, they should be showcased in the best possible way.

We Avoid PDF Menus

Having your menu in a PDF that users can download from your website is a practice we try to avoid. Many users will opt out of viewing your menu if it requires them to download it into their phone, use their memory and then zoom in to read it.

What you can do instead is choose a dedicated page on your website where you can create a cool menu, instead of the standard PDF format. You can add in as many elements and content as you like, and you might even get it to rank well. This way Google will also index your menu, and instead of hiding it somewhere in a PDF, you can actually spice up your website with it.

We Avoid Autoplay

Music or videos that are on autoplay will frustrate your users. Imagine that they’re listening to their favorite music and they open up your website only to be disturbed by the voices from music or videos. They’ll close your site immediately. That’s the reason why there’s no need to put music on your website. Videos will, of course, make your web design more interesting, but you need to make sure that they aren’t on autoplay.

We Keep Things Simple

The contact form that your users can use to ask you something, give feedback or make a reservation should be simple and easy to use. Make sure that it requires as little information as possible, just so the users won’t feel like they’re wasting their time filling in some useless forms. We tend to create sites where the overall web design is simple, consisting only of understandable content and a user-friendly interface.

If the users have a hard time finding something they’re looking for on your website, then your web design has literally failed. The “About Us”, “Menu” and “Contact Form” should be easy to get to, and it should stand out at the top of your homepage, where users actually expect them to be.

Get Your Custom Restaurant Website Design

We offer two types of packages that include the custom design and the hosting of your restaurant website. The cost for the web design is $1000 and includes premium themes and plugins using WordPress, a mobile responsive website, search engine optimized design, content migration from your existing website and an option for logo design.

If you choose us to do your restaurant web design you can also take advantage of our special offer of hosting your website for $25 a month. Our web hosting services include:

  • Fast, secure and reliable WordPress hosting
  • An SSL certificate for free (HTTPS)
  • Daily Website Backups
  • An option for monthly website edits by our team

So, if you're ready to take your restaurant to the next level, scroll up and click the Order Now button to begin.