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So you have an album full of photos from your latest holiday, wedding, or birthday, and you want to share it with your friends and family. Or, maybe you’re getting into photography and are looking for a way to share your cool snaps with others. Whatever the case is, you need to find the best way to share your photos.

We’ve prepared a guide through the best ways to share photos online – be it with friends, family, particular groups, or clients. Which photo-sharing platform is right for you depends on your aim – are you looking to expose the entire internet to your photographs, or you want to share them online privately? Another thing to consider is how many photos you want to share, and what the data limits on each platform are. In any case, you can find a photo-sharing platform that has the most suitable features for your photography project right here.

On a side note – before we get started – if you’re a professional photographer, you may prefer to create your own website from which to share your photos. In that case, creating your own website on WordPress and paying for a great web hosting service will allow you to have a professional online presence from which to share your work and get more clients. You can check out an introductory guide to WordPress if you’re new to websites building.

Best Ways To Share Photos Online

Let’s take a look at some great platforms for sharing photos online, and go over what their specific features entail.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular online file storing and sharing platforms. Due to its interface and privacy settings, however, we recommend it specifically if you want to share photos privately.

You can store and share photos and other files in Google Drive

Google Drive can be used for personal and business purposes. Personal Google Drive accounts allow up to 15GB of storage for free, which is a lot of photos and photo albums – provided that the resolution of the images isn’t too high.

The Google Drive privacy settings allow you to share the photo albums with persons of your choice. You can adjust their permissions settings to view-only, but you can also allow others to edit the photos and folders. This is a great choice for when you have a group holiday and you try to get everyone’s photos in one place.

Google Drive is also great for sharing photos with clients, because you’ll also be able to share other text documents, PDFs, and spreadsheets.

Google Photos

Google Photos is different from Google Drive in that you can only share photos, and not other files. This is also a good storage platform, as it automatically backs up all your photos online. 

We especially recommend using Google Photos if you want to share images from a smartphone using the app. Most Android phones come with the app preinstalled.

Google Photos offers unlimited free storage for images with a maximum resolution of 16 megapixels and videos with a maximum resolution of 1080p. This is quite sufficient for sharing high-quality photos, especially from your phone. If you want to upload larger photos, however, the additional data will count against your Google Drive quota. 

It’s also really easy to organize the photos in folders. Over time, the Google Photos algorithm starts recognizing your photo-sharing habits, and then beings to sort your photos automatically, which will reduce a good deal of your workload.

Google Photos is one of the best online photo sharing platforms

When you upload images to Google Photos, they start off as private. However, once someone is tagged in a photo, or once you share an album with someone, they are also visible to that person. If you make the album visible to anyone with a link, then anyone with a link will be able to access your photo album.


Flickr has been one of the most popular online photo-sharing platforms for a long time, and it’s rightfully earned this position. It allows you to share photos in high quality and provides you with a lot of free storage – up to 1TB of data. Although photos uploaded to Flickr are public by default, it has flexible privacy settings that will allow you to limit who gets to see your photos.

Flickr is a great choice for photography enthusiasts

Flickr is actually like a social networking platform for photography enthusiasts. If you want to share amateur or professional-grade photographs, Flickr is a good choice for you. In addition to the large amount of storage space, Flickr also saves your photos in full resolution without reducing their quality. You can also adjust your settings to allow account visitors to download your photos for free.

As we mentioned, the photos you post on Flickr are public by default, but you can also set them to private – or find a compromise in between. If your photos are private, your friends, family, or potential clients will be able to access them without additional help from you. If you set your account to private, however, you can share your photos with others by sending them a guest user pass via email.


If you want to share photos so that others can make prints of them, Photobucket is the way to go. Although Photobucket has a more limited storage than other options (2GB for free, and an additional 8GB if you download the Photobucket phone app), it makes it very simple for site visitors to access your photos and order prints.

So if you want to make it easy for your mother to print matching family mugs, Photobucket is a good choice. She won’t need to have an account or anything.

The drawback with Photobucket is that photo sharing is set on public, and you can only change the setting before uploading a photo.

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