Best Gaming Desks: Reviews of Our Top Picks for 2020

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You can’t be expected to play at your best when you’re not at your most comfortable. And it’s not like you need to spend an arm and a leg to get the proper treatment that you and your gaming equipment deserve. What we mean is, you need a gaming desk, and the best gaming desks are both comfortable and affordable!

To be fair, there are a lot of options on the market, and choosing the right gaming desk may seem like an impossibly difficult task – or at least, a less-than-desired hassle. Fret not! We have created the definitive list of the best gaming desks you can get your hands on in 2020.

There’s something for everyone among our top picks for gaming desks. Our favorite models vary in size and shape (to include some L-shaped desks), so that you can find the best fit for your room; they vary in price, so you can choose the optimal desk for your budget; and they vary in features – so whether you want a keyboard tray or a cup holder, we’ve got it all right here. 

What do our favorite gaming desks have in common? They are all made of high-quality materials, feature sturdy designs, and are very comfortable. In fact, you can be sure that any of these models will support multiple monitors and everything else you need for a solid session of gaming.

But enough babble – let’s get to it!

Best Gaming Desks

Don’t have time? Here’s a quick overview of our favorite gaming desks:

Best Overall: Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk 63' Wide, Ultrawide Curved Gaming and Office Desk, Large Gaming Desk with Custom Monitor Mount & Cable Management Under Desk (Black)

Features: 5’ 3” wide, 2’ 7 ½” deep desk surface; 176 lbs carrying capacity; custom surface-wide mousepad; adjustable height; cable management system.

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Best Corner Desk: Walker Edison Corner Gaming Command Center

Walker Edison Ellis Modern L Shape Home Office Black Corner Computer Gaming Desk with Keyboard Tray, 51 Inch

Features: Two sections that are 20″ deep and 31″ wide; elegant; L-shape is great for corners; keyboard tray; universal system stand.

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Most Versatile Features: Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk

Mr IRONSTONE Deep Gaming Desk 45.3' W x 29' D Home Office Computer Table, Black Gamer Workstation with Cup Holder, Headphone Hook and 2 Cable Management Holes

Features: 45.3” wide by 29” deep desk surface; cup-holder; headphone hook; easy to clean PVC-laminated surface.

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Most Budget-Friendly: Epson Expression 12000XL-PH

Atlantic Original Gaming Desk – Carbon-Fiber Laminated Desktop, Heavy-Duty Steel-Wire Legs, Elevated Monitor Platform, Tablet/Phone Stand, Speaker Stands, Video Game Gadget Rack, PN 33935701 - Black

Features: 40″ wide x 23.5″ deep desk surface; lightweight; elegant; comes with cup holder, game storage shelves, and multiple other add-ons to optimize space.

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And now, let’s get into the detailed reviews of the best gaming desks available on the market!

Best Overall: Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk 63' Wide, Ultrawide Curved Gaming and Office Desk, Large Gaming Desk with Custom Monitor Mount & Cable Management Under Desk (Black)

The Arozzi Arena is our top pick because it’s a classic and reliable gaming desk, which has that one-size-fits-all quality. The Arozzi Arena is one of the biggest desks on our list, which will give you sufficient space to put everything you need on the desk, and turn it into both a gaming arena and a work nook. The Arozzi Arena also has some neat additional features that we’ll get into, which will make gaming easier and – believe it or not – less cluttered.


The Arozzi Arena is a large and sturdy desk, ideal for multiple heavy devices. The desk is 5’ 3” wide and 2’ 7 ½” deep, and has a carrying capacity of 176lbs This will allow you to place up to three large monitors on it. Your gaming desk can easily be your work desk, too! Plus, the depth of the desk means that your eyes will have sufficient distance to the monitor. Which is good, for obvious reasons.

The Arena comes with several smart-design features that will make gaming more enjoyable and less cluttered. In fact, overall the design of the Arena is quite smart, and it should be, considering how proud the company is of their Swedish design team (something about Swedes being good at ergonomics). 

To begin with, the desk’s surface is covered in microfiber cloth, which acts as a custom mouse pad, so you can use your mouse on any part of the desk. Additionally, the microfiber is water-resistant, so it’s easy to clean and won’t be ruined if you knock over a drink. (Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about your keyboard, so don’t get too comfortable with open containers anyway.) The mousepad surface is also machine-washable, which makes it overall more durable.

Another neat design trick is the unique cable management system that the Arena features. There’s a mesh box under the back of the desk where you can collect all your cables, so your gaming heaven doesn’t suffer from messiness.

Overall, the desk is very sturdy and durable. The all-metal base will safely support you and your gadgets. The feet of the desk are adjustable, so you can always make sure the desk is stable, or adjust the height of the legs based on your needs. The Arena is available in five colors: black, white, red, blue, and green, so you can choose one that best suits your taste.


One drawback of the Arena is that it comes with vague assembly instructions, which can mislead you into putting together an unfortunately wobbly desk. To be fair though, this is common of most desks these days, and features in the cons column of every desk we reviewed.

Another thing to keep in mind is that while well worth the money, the Arena is among our pricier picks.

Best Corner Desk: Walker Edison Corner Gaming Command Center

Walker Edison Ellis Modern L Shape Home Office Black Corner Computer Gaming Desk with Keyboard Tray, 51 InchThe Walker Edison Corner Gaming Command Center is our favorite corner desk pick because it’s perfect for cramped, corner spaces: it’s minimalistic, elegant, and sturdy. This L-shaped desk is designed in a way to optimize the use of the space it offers, so you can fit multiple monitors, or compartmentalize – work on one side, and play on the other, so Jack don’t become a dull boy.


The Walker Edison gaming desk is a good choice for smaller spaces and corners begging to be put to better use. The L-Shaped desk measures are about 29” height x 51” length x 20” width. Although it’s smaller than some other models, it can still fit about two monitors, and comes with a universal unattached CPU stand. Additionally, this desk comes with a keyboard tray that works to save some more space.

Overall, we recommend this desk for gaming station/workstation hybrid purposes. You can move the keyboard tray depending on your needs, and you can place work stuff on one side of the desk, and gaming stuff on the other.

The Walker Edison desk is both beautiful and sturdy. It boasts one of the most elegant, minimalistic designs on our list. So even though you may use it for gaming, this desk says serious grownup. But it’s not just a pretty face – it’s made of durable steel and features a powder-coated finish and a thick tempered safety glass. 

The basic model is the Soreno (with a black powder-coated finish), but you can also opt for the Imperial model, which features clear glass tops, or the C-Frame model, which comes with elevated monitor shelves.

Lastly, this desk has a rare-to-find feature: it’s easy to put together.


One possible downside of the Walker Edison is that if you get scratches below the glass, they’ll also appear on the top of the desk, as the glass itself is transparent.

Another potential issue is the keyboard tray – it is quite small.

Most Versatile Features: Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Desk

Mr IRONSTONE Deep Gaming Desk 45.3' W x 29' D Home Office Computer Table, Black Gamer Workstation with Cup Holder, Headphone Hook and 2 Cable Management HolesThe Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Desk has some of the most fun features you could track down, including a PVC laminated surface for your mouse and gaming equipment, a cup holder, and a headphone hook. Additionally, the desk‘s dimensions are sufficient for large monitors, and it has the necessary depth to put some distance between your eyes and the screen.


The Mr IRONSTONE features a large gaming surface or 45.3” width by 29” depth. This will allow you to place large monitors, a PC or gaming consoles, keyboards, speakers, and so on on the desk. Plus, the surface is PVC laminated, so it’s easy to clean and suitable for your mouse. The PVC laminated surface additionally makes the desk easy to clean.

We love some of the fun features that come with the desk which help make it seem like the ultimate gamer-indulgence-splurge-buy. We already mentioned that it comes with a headphone hook and a cup holder – and you know what that cup holder is? It’s a gateway drug to eating dinner on that wide, spacious surface. Been there.

The desk is quite stable and durable. The metal frame legs allow the desk to hold weight up to 110lbs.


One drawback is that there are some small quality control issues, so parts of the desk may arrive with dents.

Another drawback is PVC, which while easy to clean, is dangerous for kids.

Most Budget-Friendly: Atlantic Gaming Original

Atlantic Original Gaming Desk – Carbon-Fiber Laminated Desktop, Heavy-Duty Steel-Wire Legs, Elevated Monitor Platform, Tablet/Phone Stand, Speaker Stands, Video Game Gadget Rack, PN 33935701 - BlackThe Atlantic Gaming Original desk is our favorite budget option. While the surface of the desk is smaller than most other models, it makes up for it with ergonomic, space-saving add-ons that will allow for the optimized use of every inch. The Atlantic desk is quite elegant, sturdy, and full of useful features that will make you quite comfortable as you game.


The Atlantic Original is a good choice for smaller rooms and cramped spaces. The desk’s surface dimensions are 40″ wide x 23.5″ deep, so it can fit your gaming gear but also fit in your room. Plus, the design is quite sleek and suitable for any style.

The cool thing about this desk is all the add-ons that come with it, so you’ll be able to store far more equipment efficiently. It comes with a cup holder, game storage space (which can store 9 video games and 2 controllers), a front storage tray of 17”, two speaker stands, and a charging station. Plus, it comes with a 15.5” monitor stand and two cable management slots, which will keep your surface area free of clutter.

The desk is sturdy and light at the same time. It weighs only 38 pounds, so you can move it around without a problem.


The desk’s surface isn’t ideal for some mouse types, so you may need a mousepad.


The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is our top pick as it features a large gaming surface, has a high carrying capacity, and has adjustable height. It’s also very sturdy and durable. However, it’s priced at $399.99 on Amazon, so it’s the priciest recommendation on our list.

The Walker Edison Corner Gaming Command Center is a great choice for a corner desk, thanks to the efficient L-shaped design. This desk is quite elegant and comes with some useful add-ons, like a keyboard tray and a universal CPU stand. It costs Price not available on Amazon.

The Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Desk is our most versatile recommendation. It has a broad desk surface for all your gaming equipment, and also comes with a cup-holder and a headphone hook. The surface is easy to clean. It costs Price not available on Amazon.

Our favorite budget-friendly choice is the Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk. We recommend this desk for small spaces, as it’s compact and lightweight. It rivals the Mr IRONSTONE in terms of features, as it comes with multiple useful add-ons to optimize the space of the desk. This elegant option is priced at $50.33 on Amazon.

How To Choose The Right Gaming Desk

Now you know the best gaming desks, but which one is the right choice for you? Read on to our buying guide to learn what features to consider when choosing.


The dimensions of your gaming desk are important for two reasons. One, can it fit in your room? And two, can it store all your gaming equipment? If you have multiple monitors and consoles, make sure that you choose a big enough desk.

On the other hand, if you’re pressed for space, you may want to opt for one of the L-shaped gaming desks. They’ll allow you to use the available space more wisely, as well as function both for work and for pleasure.


Consider the features that each desk has to offer. Do you want a custom mouse pad that covers the entire surface? Do you need trays and storage space to organize your desk? Or have you forever wanted a cup holder that will keep your desk spill-free? Each desk comes with special features that can suit every taste and need.


Last but not least, consider your budget when choosing a gaming desk. The general price range is from about $90 to $200. While each desk is well worth the money, you don’t have to spend more than you can or want to in order to get a good gaming desk.

A Few Words Before You Go…

Hopefully, our reviews and buying guide have been useful in your search for the best gaming desk. Equipping your gaming nook with the right level of comfort can make all the difference between win and lose. Happy gaming!

In case you need it, here’s a reminder of our top picks:

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