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“Domain Name Sanity is very easy to work with especially for someone as unsophisticated and techno-challenged like me.”

David M.
Edmonton, Canada
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“I have used Domain Name Sanity for around 15 years now. Very knowledgeable staff. Thank you!”

Susan M.
Tennessee, USA
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“As a first-time web builder, I found their templates extremely easy to use.”

Tami S.
Pennsylvania, USA
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Frequently Asked Questions

It includes WooCommerce which is the most used eCommerce plugin on WordPress. We'll also add 5 products as an example to help you start adding your own products.

We'll migrate 10 pages, additional pages can migrated at an extra cost.

Our package includes 2 major revisions as well as 5 minor revisions.

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Get Your Art Work Online Today

Nowadays every artist has to have an online portfolio on top of their traditional one. It allows their work to be reached by a wider, global audience - and investing in the right web design is the key step that ensures an artist’s worldwide reach.

Creating an online portfolio and an artist website that resonates with your audience is no easy task - you can choose to do it on your own and experiment or get it done for your by professionals.

Whatever you decide to go for, we’re here to give you the basics on how to pick a great web design for an artist website.

What Aspects Should Your Artist Web Design Have?

The whole idea behind building an artist's website is to feature a cycle of visuals that will speak to your visitors and allow them to get an idea about you and what you create - but there are plenty of tips and tricks you need to pay attention to if you want it to be successful. If you choose to build your site on your own these points can serve as guidelines for creating a unique website.

Create Your Brand

Whenever we at Domain Sanity design an artist website, we try to merge the brand with the artist, or, more precisely, we build a brand of the artists themselves, something that will be recognizable online and offline. The purpose of your website is to expand the message to get to the right audience and result in success - and you can do that only by building a recognizable brand.

Know the Target Audience

Defining your target audience is something you have to do even before you create your website, choose your web design, visuals and content. While the website should be a representation of your works and who you are as an artist, you should also work towards satisfying the taste of your audience, or better yet, know who you’re addressing with your works. We always make sure we know who the target audience of the artist is, just so the website is designed to suit the tastes of that audience.

Leave Something Unrevealed

Not displaying all of your artwork on your website, and leaving something to mystery is essential to get the audience interested in visiting your exhibitions or getting in touch with you to learn more. You can choose which works you’d like to showcase on your website, and which will be exclusively available live.

Another option is to set one of your works as the background of your website or choose one of the premium WordPress themes we offer. You can also opt to include powerful media - create slideshows and videos or brainstorm cool designs that will suit your brand persona.

Involve All Media

We can integrate all types of media into the websites we create. Nowadays, the audience that will visit your site expects to be engaged by stunning visuals and media - after all, their attention span is shorter than ever before and you have to be creative to keep them interested.

Create a Story

Your brand includes you yourself - not just your works. Fusing both together is a powerful way to connect the art creator with the work of art itself, and you can do that by creating content that will show a glimpse of your lifestyle, your professional and personal life and your inspiration. The point of an artist’s website is to create a story - and only the right web design can help you achieve that goal.

If you already have the story in place, from your old website, perhaps, it’s high time you use that as the foundation and your new web design as the final brush stroke. If you’re worried about migrating old content - don’t be - we can easily do it for you!

Go Beyond Art

Art is one thing, online marketing is quite another. While we’re sure you have the first totally covered, you might be a newbie when it comes to the other aspects of building a good website. Is your new website going to be mobile-responsive? Is it going to be SEO-friendly? In order for a website to be successful, it has to provide an amazing experience to its users - it has to have the right design and it has to look perfect on any device. Last but definitely not least, it has to be able to rank so it gives you the chance to reach that global audience.

If you need help putting all these pieces together you can leave it to our arist web design experts to take the lead of creating your site. We offer a web design package at a once off cost of $1000 that include a variety of services focused on website building and design. If you want the total package, you can also opt for our hosting, at just $25 a month. The hosting option comes with the following perks:

  • Fast & reliable WordPress hosting
  • Free SSL certificate that means your website will be secure (HTTPS)
  • Website backups
  • An option for monthly website edits

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