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We were formed by a group of Internet enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who believe you should have an affordable and easy means to obtain additional services which can enhance your website’s performance. To that end, we created a group of sites that provide you with such enriched services at an affordable price:

Image Size Matters - For almost all of our clients, the size of the computer file for pictures posted on their web site is much too large. This causes visitors to spend too long to download a page and wastes disk space and bandwidth (both of which are metered at all web sites). There are a few easy solutions:
We recommend that you do not place any image on your web site that is larger than you want it to be seen (1024 pixel maximum width)
Reduce the resolution of an image to 72 dpi.
The final step is "optimize" the image. This is done with special software which can significantly reduce file size without reducing image quality. Typically "jpg" file types are the ones that need to be optimized since that is how most people save their photographs for web publication. All of our hosting clients have access to an online jpg image optimizer through the file manager.

Accepting Payments At Your Site - Do you have anything that you would like to sell at your web site? Would you like to be able to accept donations for your non-profit organization? Would you like to collect money for any reason (e.g. collect from friends for an upcoming party)? Do you want these people to be able to pay by credit card? Accepting payment at your web site is easier and less expensive than you think!

Free FTP Software - FTP ("File Transfer Protocol") software is the means to upload (i.e. send a file from your computer to the web server) and download (send a file from the web server to your computer) computer files to a many web sites. Downloading files is something that people don't frequently do but there are excellent reasons to do so:

You should always have a back-up of your computer files because you never know what can happen. Although all hosting companies make back-up copies in case of some problem, you should be prepared yourself.
Whenever you change your web site, there is a chance for you to make an error. The easiest solution is to create a back-up just prior to your making any change so if something goes wrong, you can always restore the back-up you make.

Provided you meet certain criteria, you'll eligible for a free copy of "WS_FTP LE" software.


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