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Our systems are designed to help you get your website up and running quickly - REALLY. Your domain name goes 'live' in a few minutes and your website will be 'live' as quickly as you can enter your content into our flexible templates. CLICK HERE to see a sample of our templates.


We have created hosting packages to meet your needs now and into the future to use whether you are building your website using our customizable templates (as most customers do) or on your computer. Our goal is to make it all simple for you to get your website up and running in quick order. The following is an overview of each hosting package:

Primary - This 5 page hosting solution fits the needs of a large number of customers who want a basic web site for personal reasons or a simple "online brochure" for their business.

Starter - The majority of our customers will want our 25 page hosting package as they build out their website and add more pages.

Value - This hosting plan allows you 99 web pages, twice the disk space, and twice the bandwidth for a small increase in price.

Monster - This hosting allows you unlimited web pages, "unlimited" monthly bandwidth, and a whopping 1,000 MB of disk storage.

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Upon completion of the domain registration process, you will select the hosting package of your choice.
Package Features Primary Starter Value Monster
Web Space 50 MB 200 MB 400 MB 1,000 MB
Maximum Number of Pages 5 25 99 Unlimited
Monthly Bandwidth 500 MB 2 GB 4 GB Unlimited
(Note 1)
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All Hosting Includes:
  • We place no advertising on your website. We do not prevent you from placing advertising to generate revenue for youself
  • Our online easy to use web building system includes templates for you to customize
  • Image optimizer to greatly increase the speed of your website loading without any reduction in image quality.
  • Access through either our File Manager or FTP.
  • Form email so you can place a form at your web site so visitors can easily send you a message
  • Password protect directories so you control who can access the content you're concerned about
  • Backup systems - We perform a daily backup of your site and protect your web site with the same resources/backups/security that we protect our own web site!
  • Uptime guarantee - guarantee that our servers will have a 99.9% up-time for any given month.

    Note 1 - Includes 20 GB per month of bandwidth which satisifies over 99% of our clients' needs. If you use more than 20 GB of bandwidth in any month, we'll contact you and usually work out no-cost options.

  • Prices Primary Starter Value Monster
    Setup Charge Waived
    Quarterly Hosting
    Not Available $12.99/qtr. $19.99/qtr. $31.25/qtr.
    20% savings when
    Hosting is paid Annually
    $19.99/yr. $41.49/yr. $63.95/yr. $99.99/yr.
    Guarantee - If you want to cancel your hosting service for any reason within 14 days of purchase, we will give you a full refund. After 14 days, we will pro-rate your hosting purchase price. If you obtain your domain name for free and cancel the hosting plan before the end of the initial year, your refund will be adjusted by the current price of the domain name which is yours to control.
    Feel free to contact our Customer Service Department.
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