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I Bought a Domain, Now What?

You finally went ahead and bought the perfect domain name. And if not perfect, good enough. It represents you or your brand well, and you’re finally ready to get things started. But what are you supposed to do next? Obviously, the idea is getting your website online and reaching a…

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What is a .me Domain?

The .me domain is a growing trend for good reason: it seems personal. After all, what’s more personal than me? This domain extension offers a lot of versatility for websites names, personal blogs and resumes, call-to-action websites, and businesses seeking to emphasize…

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What is .io?

The .io extension became quite popular very quickly. It’s a favorite among start-ups, and it’s increasingly associated with software developers. In fact, in the tech industry, .io is now considered the domain abbreviation for input/output. But was this the original meaning of the extension?

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Sometimes – hopefully less often than not – you try to access a website and you get an error code instead of that blog on permaculture you’ve been meaning to take a look at but haven’t found the time to. Until now. And now, when you finally got around to it, it won’t open…

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Quick Fixes for the WordPress White Screen of Death

We’ll just come right out and say it – the WordPress white screen of death sucks. You are peacefully and happily navigating through your WordPress site, tweaking things here and there, making it all pretty – and all of a sudden, it happens.

Or you try to open your admin dash…

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Not being able to access a website can get pretty frustrating. A common error code that may appear when you’re trying to reach a website is: ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH. It usually appears when there’s a mismatch between the SSL certificate…

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