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Our systems are designed to help you get your website up and running quickly - REALLY. Your domain name goes 'live' in a few minutes and your website will be 'live' as quickly as you can enter your content into our flexible templates. CLICK HERE to see a sample of our templates.

FREE Domain Names

You won't beat this combination of deals on domain names. Take advantage of one or both:

  • FREE DOMAIN NAMES. Domain names are FREE for the first year when you purchase our Primary hosting plan for $1.67 per month (with the annual payment of $19.99) or with any other higher quality hosting plan when purchased annually for that new domain name. *

  • 35% OFF ON DOMAIN NAMES. If you don't need a hosting plan for your domain name, you can purchase it for 35% off our regular price. You pay $12.95 for the first year and save $7. What many of our clients do is purchase the most common versions of their domain name which end with "com", "net" and "org". They do that to stop others from obtaining those and causing confusion. They purchase hosting for the "com" so that one is FREE. The other two domains cost $12.95 each for the first year. We even give you a FREE service we call "web address forwarding" so you can redirect traffic from the "net" and "org" versions to the "com" version.
The process begins with your searching for that perfect domain name (at the top of the page) using our intelligent domain search engine which makes suggestions if your first choice is gone. Just put your domain name choice in the search box above. We will initially charge you $12.95 each for all domain names you purchase. If you purchase hosting for one or more of those, we'll give back the $12.95 back with the corresponding hosting purchase.

This is a great and our best ever, offer or either a free domain name or low priced domain name. Please share the free domain name offer with your friends.

You can transfer a domain name that you already own and take advantage of the great offers above.

* After the first year, domains purchased through these offers will renew at the then-current renewal price which is presently $19.95 per year and is guaranteed to not increase for the next decade, except for increases caused by ICANN. If you obtain your domain name for free and cancel the hosting plan before the end of the initial year, your refund will be adjusted by the current price of the domain name which is yours to control.

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